British Airways TBJ hangars bays 1 and 2

Morgan Sindall
Heathrow Airport, London
Apr 2013
May 2014

One of the giant hangars at Heathrow airport required modification and enlargement work to enable it to carry out work on the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft.

Technical Block J (TBJ) hangar is located at the eastern end of Heathrow between the north and south runways.

In April 2013 main contractor Morgan Sindall awarded VGC the contract to undertake part of the hangar modification work. The scope of work included

  • construction of new floor structures
  • infilling of redundant landing gear pits
  • the construction of new deluge tanks
  • associated waterproofing and drainage.

VGC also augur tunnelled under the hanger floor slab to link new electrical pits with the existing electrical tunnel.

British Airways Engineering is responsible for the maintenance of the British Airways fleet of aircraft. Much of this work is undertaken in the facilities at London’s Heathrow airport. VGC undertakes extensive work throughout Heathrow and was delighted to undertake this project for Morgan Sindall.