Heathrow airport taxiways

workers at Heathrow
Ferrovial Agroman
Heathrow airport
Jan 2015

VGC supplies a wide range of skilled workers for the upgrade of the taxiways at Heathrow airport.

KI Richard Nickell
Key influencer Richard Nickell

The works, carried out in airside locations, require the highest standard of security and control. All personnel supplied by VGC to work in sensitive airport locations are put through a rigorous selection process to ensure that they have the right skills and experience. In addition to this they are security vetted, including CRB checks, to ensure their suitability. VGC has been involved with airside and landside work at Heathrow for many years and is authorised to process passes for working in airside locations.

Key influencer Kelvin Austin
Key influencer Kelvin Austin

Kelvin Austin and Richard Nickell are our Be Safe by Choice key influencers at Heathrow. Richard is a trained mental health first aider.

Jaskaran Singh
Jaskaran Singh

Client Ferrovial Agroman presented Jaskaran Singh with an award for his safety attitude and for good work on site, and another for ensuring loads were lifted safely.

They also presented an award to Carl Hardy for his good and safe work, and Elias Woldeyes has won two awards for security awareness.

Kelvin Austin won the T5 HBS project’s health and safety award in December 2019 for his conscientious approach to health and safety.

Elias Woldeyes accepting his award
Elias Woldeyes (L) accepting his award
Carl Hardy
Carl Hardy

Supervisor David (Dai) Williams was named ‘Supervisor of the Year’ in the January 2015 Heathrow Safety awards for his “extraordinary commitment and contribution to health and safety at Heathrow”. Dai and Jaskaran were shortlisted for further Heathrow Safety awards in January 2016, Dai for another innovation award, and Jaskaran for his contribution to safety.

Dai Williams
Dai Williams


Our client has commended labour manager James Burke for “being so proactive in getting and delivering such a positive attitude towards health and safety”.

About the works

Some of the taxiways at Heathrow airport, built many years ago, have begun to deteriorate with age and use. They are being upgraded to cope with larger more modern aircraft.

The project involves the breaking out of existing concrete taxiways and replacing them with thicker pavement quality concrete, as well as improving the drainage. The works also include the removal and replacement of airport ground lighting, and the construction of access roads.