Urenco CNS Capenhurst

Pylons near Capenhurst
Capenhurst near Cheshire
Aug 2013
Dec 2017

VGC supplied numerous labour and professional resources to Kier for the new processing facility project.

These included foremen, supervisors, engineers and site staff such as joiners, steel fixers, ground workers, slinger signallers, concrete placers and finishers. At times VGC had more than 100 people working on the project. VGC’s staff were rigorously checked to meet all the complex professional and security requirements of this sensitive project.

Our safety record for the project was exemplary, and the interface between the project directors and VGC was a close collaborative partnership.

VGC was asked by our client Kier to ensure that changes to PAYE were efficiently and effectively implemented. A series of meetings and site visits at the highest level ensured that all workers were fully compliant well within the project timescales.

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About the project

In 2013 Kier was awarded an £80 million contract to build a tails management facility for Capenhurst Nuclear Services, a subsidiary of Urenco. By-products produced during the uranium enrichment process have the potential for re-enrichment in the future. The new facility will process the by-product to enable it to be safely stored for future use.

The site, in the north west of England, employs over 300 people and provides the local community with long-term employment in a technical environment, as well as opportunities for young people to pursue engineering and scientific careers.

The plant is an important part of the UK’s carbon-neutral energy programme, producing essential materials for nuclear power generation. The site operates three plants producing enriched uranium to enable nuclear power stations around the world to generate electricity.